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Lecture about Geotourism Monday 29th August in National Museum of Iceland from 3 pm -17 pm.

 Iceland's economy had been diversifying into manufacturing and service industries since the 1990s with a range of recent new developments. There is a greater interest in developing the tourism sector with recent trends in ecotourism and whale-watching.

However, a new possibility is offered for Iceland’s tourism future in the form of Geotourism which is essentially ‘geological tourism’. Geotourism offers traditional forms of tourism a new approach through the development of its geological assets as tourist attractions to complement existing natural and cultural attractions. Geotourism is generally established by local communities seeking to secure their own futures through sustainable economic development.


Following the the application of Katla Geopark to join the European Geoparks Network two experts visited Katla Geopark on an evaluation mission in the first week of July 2011.  The experts were Professor Nickolas Zouros from the University of the Aegean in Mytilene in Greece and director fo Lesvos Geopark, and Maurizio Burlando geologist and director for the Beigua Geopark in Italy.

 The first Geopark week of the Katla Geopark Project was celebrated May 21- May 27 2011.  It went off to a spectular start as the Grímsvötn eruption started on May 21st!  Therefore, most of the planned activities did not take place because of the heavy ashfall, but in Hvolsskóli the teachers and students did projects combining Katla Geopark features with the 1100 years anniversary of Njálsbrenna (Burning of Njal).

In Grunnskólinn in Vík the students did projects on birds and other natural phenonema in the geopark. 

In Kirkjubæjarskóli the school was closed during the Geopark week because of heavy ashfall in the area.

More information in icelandic here.


 More information in icelandic here.

Welcome to the Katla Geopark Project, the first geopark project in Iceland!  It was formally established on November 19 2010 as an autonomous independent corporate body.  The geopark takes its name from the famous volcano Katla covered by the Mýrdalsjökull ice sheet.  Other famous volcanoes in the geopark include Eyjafjallajökull and Laki.  The 2010 eruptions in Fimmvörðuháls and Eyjafjallajökull got worldwide attention and are a testament to the tremendous forces of nature still at work in Katla Geopark!

The Katla Geopark Project handed in its application for membership in the European Geoparks Network in November 2010.

More information in icelandic here.

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